Paw Bullet Point An entire day for your pup(s) to interact &
play with other little pups in a safe & fun home like environment

Paw Bullet Point Two miles walk on the trails

Paw Bullet Point Play, run, explore, dig, chase, fetch, cuddle, jump, climb, lounge and repeat in a very natural &
quiet setting.

Paw Bullet Point Free Pick up and Drop off in the Duvall, Carnation, Trilogy & Redmond Ridge area

Paw Bullet Point $20/day

Paw Bullet Point Why should I do "Doggie Daycare"?
Many people who work long hours could benefit from "Doggie Daycare" Gigi as an active alternative to staying home alone. "Doggie Daycare" provides a fun-filled day of play and exercise with other dog friends as well as with some human companionship. "Doggie Daycare" helps your pooch burn off all of that extra energy so you can both come home and enjoy a relaxing evening. Some like to do it Monday thru Friday and some others like to come once or twice a week. No matter what, it's always beneficial and a super fun experience for your best friend.

Paw Bullet Point Daily Schedule
6am: First potty break & snuggling time while the owner is having her coffee!
7am: Breakfast for all!
7:30am-8:30am: Morning playtime & exploring in the backyard
9am: Picking up the Daycare kids
9:30am-11am: Walk on the trail
11:30am: Playtime for all!
12:30pm: Midday nap while the owner is catching up on emails, facebook photos, phone calls etc.
2pm-5pm: The fun begins again: wrestle, train, run, wag, chase, poop, jump, yip, pant, tug, tag, sundeck, jog, sniff, yap, fetch, pee, sit, stay, treat and repeat. While some like to take it easy and lounge...
5pm: Dinner time! Yay!
5:30pm: The Daycare kids are going home, oh no!
6:30pm: Potty break
7pm-9pm: "Quiet time" to help everyone wind down after an exciting day.
9:30pm-10pm: Last potty break and tucking in with lots of good night's kisses!
Let's do it all over again tomorrow! :)

Paw Bullet Point Agility set for the brave ones!

Paw Bullet Point "Doggies' Heaven" offers overnight boarding in a safe, clean, loving and fun environment for your best friend.

Paw Bullet Point 24 hours supervised care in a beautiful country setting & plenty of outdoor space for the dogs to relax and/or run around.

Paw Bullet Point Daily walk on the trails with up to 7 other furry friends.

Paw Bullet Point Plenty of toys, slides, tunnels, castles and climbers to play with.

Paw Bullet Point Agility set for the brave ones!

Paw Bullet Point Personalized care & plenty of snuggling and lap time.

Paw Bullet Point Your dog's home away from home where your best friend will make new furfriends and will get the one on one special attention he/she craves so much with a very dedicated long time dog lover who is absolutely committed to the well-being of your furbaby.

Paw Bullet Point Comfort of a real home & ultimate pampering where everyone gets to nap on a couch, bean bag or papasan chair and cuddle with me at night. Dogs sleeping under the covers are preferred!

Paw Bullet Point Peace of mind knowing that your furfriend will be spending time with a passionate and knowledgeable dog giggler extensively trained in the art of body massages & belly rubs.

Paw Bullet Point Daily pictures/videos of your pup's adventure at "Doggies' Heaven" posted on Facebook.

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Intake form #2 (Questionnaire)

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