What do you mean by "small" ?
"Doggies' Heaven" accepts dogs up to approximately 30lbs. However, we have also taken Bassets/Bulldogs which can be around 45-50lbs. After 30lbs, it will depend on the age, breed and temperament.

Why don't you take big dogs? Don't you like them?
"Doggies' Heaven" loves all dogs & breeds. However, at this time, we will not be able to accept bigger dogs as the main house is not big enough to accommodate them. Also, there are many small dogs who do get stressed around bigger dogs. Doggies' Heaven's priority is to make sure that all guests are having a great time and so, in everyone's interest, I will only able to take the smaller kids. However, I have made a few exceptions in the past and so please feel free to ask. Depending on the situation, I might be able to take one big dog at a time. I'll also be happy to refer you to a great place, which boards bigger dogs in the area.

Are vaccinations required for my dog(s) to stay at "Doggies' Heaven"?
Yes, for the health, safety, and welfare of all the dogs living & staying here, the following is required (please provide a written proof of up-to-date vaccinations):
~Rabies: Yearly or every three years
~DHLP-P (Distemper/Parvo): Yearly or every three years
~Bordetella (Canine Cough): Yearly (please be aware that this vaccine is not 100% effective and so, in such environment, there will always be a tiny chance for your dog(s) to get canine cough, just like it is for people to get the flu)

Does my dog have to be spayed or neutered?
No. However, it is strongly recommended. Also, I will obviously not be able to accept a non neutered male & a non spayed female at the same time, which means that I may have to turn you down for that reason.

Do you accept puppies?
Yes! Puppies are super fun and bring more life to the party! :) However, to ensure their safety, your puppy should be at least 4 months (16 weeks) which is when they should have received their last set of puppy shots. You will also be asked to provide a crate as well as puppy pads.

How about older/special needs dogs?
Yes! We love them! However, dogs requiring medical care and/or recovering from recent surgeries may do best in an Animal Hospital.

Are the dogs supervised at all times?
Yes! I'm with them 24 hours, this is what I do. However, they will be alone for a short period of time (2 hours maximum) and whenever I have to drop off/pick up dogs, walk the dogs and go for errands.

Are you able to administer medication and do you charge for this extra service?
Yes, I am and will not charge you for this service.

What do I need to bring with my dog(s) ?
You may bring anything which will make your dog more comfortable during his/her stay with us, which can include his/her own crate, bed, bedding, toys etc. However, if you bring your dog's favorite toy, please let me know so that I can keep it away from the other dogs. Also, please bring his/her leash (harness if needed) and make sure he/she is wearing a collar with tags. A coat/raincoat is also recommended for walks and if your dog wears/needs one. You may bring his/her own bowl but you will not need to bring a water bowl as Doggies' Heaven provides several water bowls for all to share all day long. Of course, you will also need to bring your own food & treats.

Where do the dogs sleep at night?
If your dog is used to be crated at night, he/she will be crated here. For the others, and as long as they're house trained and able to hold it overnight, they will be free in the house and welcome to snuggle with us or sleep on my bed. :)

How about feeding?
All dogs are closely supervised and/or separated for feeding to make sure that every one of them gets to eat their own food and/or to avoid fights.

Do you walk the dogs? If so, where do you take them?
Yes! Walking the dogs is actually a big part of the day at "Doggies' Heaven"! Every single morning, 7 or 8 dogs are taken on a walk on the "Snoqualmie Valley trail" in downtown Duvall for about 1 hour and a half (approximately 2 miles). As the weather gets nicer and days get longer, there will be another evening walk in the neighborhood with around 4 dogs at a time for about an hour and where they get to meet sheeps, goats, horses & alpacas. However, on rainy days, we will stay home but will still be able to play and exercise in the very large backyard, which is completely secure with a 6ft fencing.

Will my dog(s) be brushed? How about a nail trim?
Please request it upon drop off and provide the appropriate brush/comb. I do have plenty of nail trimmers. However, I will not able to trim nails of a dog who needs to be restrained.

Will my dog(s) be given a bath before I pick him/her up?
Please request it upon drop off. However, I often do it for dogs who have had a little "too much fun"!

If my dog(s) needs veterinary attention, what is your course of action ?
I will always try to reach you before taking your dog(s) to an Animal Hospital to discuss the problem and let you decide what you would prefer to do. However, if I'm unable to reach you and if this is an emergency situation, I will take your dog(s) to your preferred veterinarian and/or closest emergency animal hospital, depending on the time of the day.

What will my dog(s) do all day?

6am: First potty break & snuggling time while the owner is having her coffee!
7am: Breakfast for all!
7:30am-8:30am: Morning playtime & exploring in the backyard
9am: Picking up the Daycare kids
9:30am-11am: Walk on the trail
11:30am: Playtime for all!
12:30pm: Midday nap while the owner is catching up on emails, facebook photos, phone calls etc.
2pm-5pm: The fun begins again: wrestle, train, run, wag, chase, poop, jump, yip, pant, tug, tag, sundeck, jog, sniff, yap, fetch, pee, sit, stay, treat and repeat. While some like to take it easy and lounge...
5pm: Dinner time! Yay!
5:30pm: The Daycare kids are going home, oh no!
6:30pm: Potty break
7pm-9pm: "Quiet time" to help everyone wind down after an exciting day.
9:30pm-10pm: Last potty break and tucking in with lots of good night's kisses!
Let's do it all over again tomorrow! :)

Why should I do "Doggie Daycare"?
Many people who work long hours could benefit from "Doggie Daycare" as an active alternative to staying home alone. "Doggie Daycare" provides a fun-filled day of play and exercise with other dog friends as well as with some human companionship. "Doggie Daycare" helps your pooch burn off all of that extra energy so you can both come home and enjoy a relaxing evening. Some like to do it Monday thru Friday and some others like to come once or twice a week. No matter what, it's always beneficial and a super fun experience for your best friend.

What are your hours of operation?
"Doggies' Heaven" is open 8am to 8pm Monday thru Sunday. However, as long as you're willing to drive all the way, I will accept drop off/pick up as early as 7am. Also, I should be able to meet you for drop off/pick up as late as 7pm.

"Doggies' Heaven" is such a long drive from my place. Can you meet us halfway?
Yes, I can and I do not charge for this service either. The drop off/pick up locations can be the following ones:
~Downtown Duvall (Shell gas station at 15729 NE Main street or Safeway gas station at 14020 Main street NE)
~Wells Fargo bank in Redmond Ridge at 23467 NE Novelty Hill road
~Carnation Library at 4804 Tolt avenue
Please note that I should be able to meet you Downtown Duvall and Redmond Ridge at around 9am or at 6pm Monday thru Friday (I should be more flexible weekends). However, depending on my schedule, I may be able to meet you a little further. Please feel free to ask.

What are the best ways to contact you?
Texting is the best and quickest way to reach me. I also prefer emails over phone calls so that I can save the important information/details.

What are the busiest times and how soon should I make a reservation?
Every holiday (Winter break, Spring break, Memorial Day weekend, July 4th, Labor Day weekend, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's eve) and all summer season are the busiest times at "Doggies' Heaven". Please make your reservation as soon as possible and even if the dates are approximate as I will always accept changes. Last minute requests are also accepted.

Do you require a deposit? If not, when should I pay you and what methods of payment do you accept?
A deposit will not be required. I will ask you to pay when you pick up your dog in case of any last minute changes. Cash & check are the accepted methods of payment.

Do you offer any discounts for frequent or long-term stays and/or multiple dogs?
Doggies' Heaven's overnight rate is very low compared to most boarding places and so, unfortunately, I'm not able to offer discounts at this time. However, I do offer a discount for 3 or more dogs.

What's your cancellation policy?
I accept cancellation at anytime and at no charge and so I will expect you to be considerate and give me plenty of notice, even more so during the holidays.

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