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Doggies Heaven, on earth
                DAYCARE & BOARDING
Daycare Services
An entire day for your pup(s) to interact & play, run, explore, dig, chase, fetch, cuddle, jump, climb, lounge and repeat in a very natural & quiet setting.

Free Pick up and Drop off in the Duvall, Carnation, Trilogy & Redmond Ridge area.

Daily pictures/videos of your pup's adventure at "Doggies' Heaven" posted on Facebook.

Send me an email to set up a day of fun for your pooch:

Daycare is only $20/day

Paw Bullet Point Boarding Services
Your dog's home away from home where your best friend will make new furfriends and will get the one on one special attention he/she craves so much. Plenty of toys, slides, tunnels in a beautiful country setting with ample outdoor space for the dogs to relax and run around.

Peace of mind knowing your furfriend will have 24 hour supervised attention, comfort of a real home, and ultimate pampering where everyone gets to nap on a couch, bean bag or papasan chair and cuddle with me at night.

Daily pictures/videos of your pup's adventure at "Doggies' Heaven" posted on Facebook.

Send me an email to inquire about pricing and schedule a play-cation for your pooch:




A Haven for Little Dogs!
"Eat, Cuddle & Play!"



I had the honor of being featured on the "Faces of Duvall". Check out a day in the life of Dog's Heaven!


Credit and Much Appreciation to Jennifer Tai Photography.

Foster Dogs
I started fostering dogs for a small dogs rescue called "People United for Pets" in November 2008. As of today, I have taken care of over 100 dogs who have found their forever homes after spending some time with us at Doggies' Heaven.

I'm very glad to report that many of them have come back as Boarders. Seeing them again and also seeing how loved and spoiled they now are in a real home has been absolutely priceless. Fostering is far from easy because there are so many emotions involved. However, if it means I saved a dog's life, it was all worth it to me in the end.




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